The best teen performances ever

Before I really went to high school, I was pretty sure it would be like the dramatic teen performances I saw religiously. But uh, spoiler alert: it really wasn’t. So I decided to take turns living through my favorite imaginary teens and their exciting upper lives because it was a lot more fun than my boring daily wear. In my eyes, my best friends were Blair Waldorf and Brooke Davis, and my hugs were Caleb Rivers and Matt Saracen.

Now as an adult I’m still a big fan of teinidraamojen, and fortunately for me today is a brand new series of alert, courageous and often better performances teenager. Between euphoria, sex education, and never, ever, ever, today’s best teenage dramas are recognizable in a way that adult dramas just aren’t … Let’s acknowledge the fact that we haven’t yet shed our teens. Uncertainties linger. Fraud syndrome is actually quite hell. In fact, we just like it – no one really knows what he’s doing.

So if you’re like me and want to distract yourself from your real adult responsibilities – your relationship, your job, your bills – I recommend diving into one of the top 40 teen dramas below to get a healthy dose of exaggeration, pendant and deep secrets. All good stuff.

Challenge me

Go ahead, keep it up. Dare Me is a next-generation cheerleading story that includes something for all true criminal lovers (the mystery of murder, duh). Unfortunately, it was canceled after one season, but that makes it quickly wait.

Alaska company profile

Fans of John Green waited almost a decade and a half for this adult novel to arrive on screen. Originally it was supposed to be a movie, but eventually it became a mini-series shared by Hulu. The compelling story is about a name character from Alaska and his friendship at a boarding school in Alabama. It has the sophisticated air that all of John Green’s stories have, and of course a crushing ending.

Completely American

We love the drama of athletes (cough, Friday night lights and One Tree Hill, cough-cough). All American will focus on the upcoming high school football star recruited from South Crenshaw High to play in Beverly Hills. There’s a lot of drama on and off the field, you know.

Sabrina’s cold adventures

If you’re wondering if this is just Sabrina Teenage Witch for Gen Zers, you’re right – but it’s a lot more. Kiernan Shipka (Sally from Crazy Men, duh) plays Sabrina, a half-witch and half-mortal who struggles for her identity despite her strength. This adjustment is dark, complex and really, really good.

External banks

Mystery. Romance. Treasure hunt. Cute guys. Despite the end of the hit, Outer Banks became a fan favorite almost overnight and has already been revamped for a new season.

I have never done that

The series, created by Mindy Kaling, is the perfect rom-com with a lot of depth – classic Mindy stuff. Devi is a sophomore who balances her Indian heritage in an attempt to reconcile. And what’s the best way to do it, you ask? Make the most popular high school student ~ first ~. The only problem is that he retreats at the last minute and then starts falling for the last person he ever thought he would like.

The ordinary teenage tropics throw characters from the lower socioeconomic community into the affluent high school. Elite continues this legacy with three students attending an exclusive private school in Spain, but cultural conflict increases when they are subjected to murder.

When four friends visit a high school in the southern Central Los Angeles neighborhood, their ties are tested, and they face all the challenges and complexities of teenage (returning home, betrayal, works). It’s drama with a little laughter. Two outsiders, James (who thinks he’s a psychopath) and Alyssa (who is full of fear), set off on a journey. Violence follows in addition to classic British dark humor. By the way, it’s based on a cartoon.