F.R.I.E.N.D.S television program

The 90s comedy series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., was a huge hit for everyone at the time, from teens to adults, comedy, love, friendship and more. The TV series begins with actors in the early 20s and ends with the aging of the group from the mid-thirties to the late. Throughout the show, the actors never let the fans down by maintaining a performance during the 10 seasons of the infamous classic show. using their “fun” personalities and skills. The characters in the show get closer than ever through the progress of the show, and even the actors became good friends inside and outside the show!


The actors consist of six main characters, here are Actors Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer. Jennifer Aniston showed Rachel Green, a woman who left a man on the altar and had to rise from pampering to life with her own crown by becoming part of fashion. Courtney Cox played OCD chef Monica Geller, who her parents consider a failure, but no one else. Lisa Kudrow played a very unique woman named Phoebe Buffay who had a very bad childhood and eventually became a great masseuse. Matthew Perry showed a man named Chandler Bing bringing laughter everywhere. Matt LeBlanc showed the role of an Italian actor from Queens. Joey Tribianni, who always took a little longer to process the data. Last but not least, David Schwimmer showed a nerdy paleontologist, Ross Geller, who was Monica’s brother, and for their parents, nothing went wrong with Ross. This was the perfect actor F.R.I.E.N.D.S. because their personalities, even if they were not, fit together perfectly.

Six friends, all living in New York City in Manhattan, need to navigate life and learn to grow as they approach their thirty birthdays. They need to trust each other and no one else has to go through this difficult time to overcome all the obstacles that come in their way. Monica is a too organized and organized “leader” or “older sister” in the group who works as a chef and seeks true love for her. Ross, Monica’s older brother, is an easy-going man with low self-esteem and a recent divorce from his wife Carol. Rachel is a vibrant and beautiful girl who comes from a spoiled life who lives like a princess, but now she has to learn to live without her parents ’credit cards. Chandler, Ross’s colleague, always wants to joke and give a bunch of friends a little more life. Phoebe is a very unique, eccentric woman who is very sweet and suitable for everyone. Joey is a handsome man with agile speech, but his intelligence has to reach the rest of the body. He dreams of being a great actor, but can never play a big role. These are the six cute and “recognizable” characters that make up the entire F.R.I.E.N.D.S. formulate. and without them the performance would not be the same.

I … the only one, Lauren Nam, went through the show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This would not be possible if I could not stop watching the show. It was really exciting and I could never have predicted what would happen in the next episode. Up to 10 long seasons, because the episodes are short and the content amazing, I didn’t get bored at all. I would recommend this program to everyone because it’s recognizable, Actors and Actors are good at doing, and it’s never boring. FRIENDS. is a TV show that I will never forget for these reasons.

Why can we continue to look at it

We were once able to succeed on a smaller television. The three broadcast networks controlled everything. (Channels were not rotated as much as triangularly.) We had a local public station, and it didn’t matter how old the UHF signal was able to tune. Don’t you? Now we are romanticizing the so-called Internet-transmitted cable. The golden age and carp around the streaming era of the galactic perimeter. Some even quoted a rude name: “TV peak” – “money can not buy happiness” screen of life.

In hindsight, smaller televisions have suggested less – in terms of volume, value, loyalty. But what was “Friends” less? There are 236 episodes, only smaller than “Throne Game”, “Card House” and “Orange is the New Black”. Most of these episodes are perfect as fun comedies. Maybe it’s hard to think of “Friends” as perfect, let alone good, because it looked easy.

Most “old televisions” looked light – even when the characters disintegrated, bleeded, and died. It’s because he did it, even though he did