Breaking Bad

I am sure that you are something like me, you have a number of orders for a variety of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and much more. It involves many decisions about which show to choose or even miss. When I can’t decide on a program, I usually just look at The Office again, which certainly many others do. However, the show always appeared among my favorites on Netflix, and I just ignore it based on its appearance. I didn’t know it was going to be one of my favorite TV shows of all time: Breaking Bad. Before you continue reading this article, there are some spoilers for simple plot points and character development. Read as you see fit!

Real excitement

In 2008, the hit series Breaking Bad became the first AMC broadcast. It recorded 5 seasons, ranging from 2008 to the final release in 2012. The action follows protagonist Walter White, a chemistry teacher at nerdy high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Walt realizes that he has had some setbacks in his life, he is in financial danger and causes stress in his family and wonders how they will get along. One thing leads to the next, and Walt finds himself along with his former student Jesse Pinkman making methamphetamine (meth) to earn money to support his family. Throughout the show, we see Walt and Jesse working to create the “purest” form of methyl that anyone in the world has seen. Because of this purity, the unlikely duo is in high demand, ranging from the Mexican cartel to Walt’s son-in-law, who happens to be part of the drug gang. As the seasons progress, we see that Walt and Jesse are striving to become a strong name in the world of drugs while keeping their secrets hidden from their loved ones.

If the plot hasn’t attracted attention, the characters will definitely do it. The famous Bryan Cranston by acting Waltilla is one of the best characters in the improvements that I have never seen a TV program. He shifts from fear of his own shadow to a confident and confrontational man known in the Southwestern United States. Aaron Paul, played by Jesse Pinkman, plays a complementary character and performed so well in his role that Netflix made him a film called El Camino. In addition to the protagonists, Breaking Bad got an incredible side role from Walt’s wife Skylar to the cruel, unethical lawyer Saul Goodman, who also got his own TV series Better Call Saul for his extraordinary performance.


This may seem like a stereotypical drama series that Netflix wants to throw on the screens. Some may even dismiss it because it is more than five years old. In its five seasons, Breaking Bad has won 110 awards, including several Emmy and Golden Globes products, and had more than 26 million streams in the week after release. As mentioned earlier, the free characters had their own TV series and movies due to the success of the show. So if you ever find yourself browsing Netflix or another streaming service the other night, consider watching Breaking Bad. I promise you will not be disappointed.

So maybe you’re a viewer who needed more spelling to complete Breaking Bad. I’m not trying to offend you. The end of purity in almost every character in the series suggests that you might be in debt for something similar to Jesse? I suggest that perhaps a better approach would have been to visit the character a year or two (or six) later. No, “What happened to Jesse right away?” but “what happened to Jesse in the end?” This is not. This is a fast-paced simulation of the past and the slightest blow to the face of viewers who thought the second half of last season was just the end Gilligan wanted, but they were told, ‘You tricked yourself! Here’s the transcript. ‘

For all that frustrated me about the lack of unnecessaryness for El Camino, I usually enjoy wading back in these waters, and I don’t mind Gilligan (and his other staff) occasionally stopping down and dirty, fleshy movie books looking at characters or unexplored corners of history. I really want a black and white Cinnabo: A Better Call Saul movie that really notices Jimmy “Saul Goodman” McGill’s life in Omaha. If we don’t get a complete Better Call Saul episode in that direction, the Gen of Omaha history is one with real need