Television has been a form of entertainment for many years, appealing to viewers of all ages. Over the years, the way we watch television shows, series and movies have changed and today, we have the ability to watch anything at any time. With the offering of streaming, we no longer have to wait for a certain time every week to watch the latest episodes. Services like Netflix and Hulu are available, where viewers can see the latest episodes or watch a full season of their favorite shows.

Here, we introduce viewers to some of the best shows to ever be seen, discuss some original shows that appear on Netflix and cover the different genres of shows that attract specific viewers. There is also information on shows that have been deemed the most binge worthy. If you are not a binge watcher yet, you will surely become one after learning about some of these amazing shows and series that are airing now or have been on in the past.

Today’s television series are full of excitement, humor and drama. No matter what type of show you enjoy, you will find lists of the top of that genre and will find the shows that warrant binge watching. Yom will also learn what makes a show binge worthy and how services like Netflix have created shows with binge watchers in mind.

After reading through the articles, learning about top rated shows and how they can be accessed and finding out the storylines to some of the hit series on television, you will be ready to settle in and start watching episodes of some of the best shows from around the word. With the ability to stream shows, you no longer have to want for each new episode to be aired Instead, you can pick up a series in the middle and start watching each and every episode. Many have compelling themes and storylines that will make for a great night of multiple episode watching.

The great thing is that viewers now have the ability to watch a new series while waiting for a new season of another show to start, so there are always exciting shows and dramatic series that are available in an instant. Live television is still exciting, but with the ability to stream at any time, viewers can watch much more in a shorter amount of time.

Get ready to experience television like never before and learn about some of the hottest shows now running. With new series always being created and new seasons always starting, there is something for everyone from children’s shows, to adult cartoons to some of the most intense political dramas on the air. Leading networks offer the highest ranking shows and these will appeal to thousands of viewers. With something for everyone, there is never a dull moment in the world of television and it all starts with these great lists of shows and series that are worth watching.