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While comedy television shows provide a great break from reality and some laughs, viewers who are looking for a thrilling and captivating experience often turn […]

Binge Worthy TV Shows

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The way in which viewers access media has seen a huge shift over the years, especially in the past ten years. With small steps starting […]

Funniest Shows on Netflix

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When it comes to entertainment, comedy is probably the preferred genre for millions. Those who love watching television will be amazed at eh number of […]

Most Watched TV Shows in 2017

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Over the years, there have been hundreds of television shows that have captured viewers. With the ability to stream tv shows and watch them at […]

2017’s TV Shakers and Movers: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks

twin peaks

There’s no way to deny the fact that 2017 has been an incredible year for television programming. Between Netflix’s production of increasingly amazing digitally-distributed TV shows and HBO’s continued dominance of the subscription channel market, TV lovers have been treated to some of the most incredibly-produced seasons to ever air.

The sheer number of impressive television shows that made it to critical acclaim in 2017 makes for a tough cut when attempting to review this year’s run for the best performers, which is unlike the casino industry online where brands like Casumo have taken the market by storm.

However, three shows really rose to the top, at least from our perspective: Game of Thrones: Season 7, Stranger Things: Season 2, and Twin Peaks (you’re probably as surprised about this one as we were!)

In this article, we’ll explore just what made each of these shows worthy of mention among a year of top-notch television.

Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)

Launching to critical acclaim after a somewhat baffling announcement, David Lynch’s revival of Twin Peaks this last year took the world of entertainment by surprise. The original series, which ran from 1990 to 1991, was a remarkable success, featuring David Lynch’s famous love of the surreal unfolding across two seasons of tense storytelling.

After the original run of Twin Peaks, David Lynch created a feature-length prequel movie called “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me,” which was received less favorably than the television series. The reborn 2017 series occurs 25 years after the original, set in the same small, Washington town of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks: The Return fell just decimal-points lower in ratings than the original series according to the aggregate score. Its massive success was a surprise even to fans of David Lynch, especially given that the original Twin Peaks won 3 Golden Globes among countless other awards and the follow up did not perform as well.

Twin Peaks: The Return features a number of the actors and actresses from the original series, including Kyle MacLachlan, the star of the original series, who reprises his role as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

The plot centres around Agent Cooper’s return to the town of Twin Peaks and the very strange events that come upon him along the way.

Following its release, Twin Peaks: The Return was immediately praised by critics as a terrifying, strange, and “Lynchian” (according to Emily L. Stephens of The A.V. Club) series that well lived up to the legacy of the original series. The episodes dove deeply into the surreal and the strange, taking viewers for a ride that challenged them to watch closely and listen even more closely.

Game of Thrones: Season 7

The second-to-last season of Game of Thrones marks the record-breaking series’ departure from the novel series it is based on, A Song of Ice and Fire. Partially in thanks to the fact that the novel series’ author, George R. R. Martin, was involved heavily in the creation process, the HBO series has largely stayed loyal to the novels, choosing mostly to cut out the extensive backstories in place of making major story modifications. Season 7, however, breaks with this trend because of an odd dilemma: the HBO series has actually surpassed the novels regarding the internal storyline of the series.

The first significant storyline deviations came during the later parts of season 6, leading to fandom clashes between purists of the novel storylines and fans who skipped the book and opted to watch the show alone.

Fandom disagreements and community splits like this are frequent with novel adaptations, but the one within the Game of Thrones fan community is strange since it isn’t as much about where the show creators changed existing content as it is about how they chose to write their version of the end of the story.

For those of us who can appreciate both parts of the Game of Thrones universe, cinematic and literary, season 7 was as thrilling as the rest, bringing us deeper and deeper into mysteries that have taunted us from the very first season.

While there is still much to be resolved in the final season of the show, season 7 was addicting, mystifying, and definitely delivered on the grungy, tense, and devious style of fantasy we’ve come to love from the series.

Stranger things 2

Stranger Things: Season 2

Netflix’s Stranger Things took the world by storm in 2016, delivering to homes across the country an endearing horror series that tapped into what may turn out to be the new normal regarding period pieces: 80s nostalgia. The first season pulled heavily from favorites of the 80s and early 90s – The Goonies, Friday the 13th, and Halloween– featuring a gang of neighborhood kids who enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, Atari, and the school science club on screen. The soundtrack was heavily synth-driven, hearkening to the popular music of the decade.

Season 2 continued to carry the torch of the first season, but widened the scope and changed the nuance. Season 2 pulled more from Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Thing than the first season did, leaning harder into the supernatural without losing touch with the characters we’ve come to love.

2017 Hits Hint at Exciting New Trends

The new age of television is upon us, and gone are the days of television being judged as the artistically-inferior of the cinematic arts. Talent that would have once been guided solely to big-budget Hollywood films is now more willing than ever to appear in specials by companies like Netflix and HBO.

If Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, and Twin Peaks are predictors of what’s to come for fans of television series, the future looks very bright indeed.

Best Political Dramas

While comedy television shows provide a great break from reality and some laughs, viewers who are looking for a thrilling and captivating experience often turn to shows that have a string political theme. In the past, many networks would shy away from any controversial political material to air, but in recent years, many shows now feature captivating content that not only entertains viewers, but also provides some amazing insights to our current political culture and the daily functioning of local and national government.

For those that want eh inside scoop and are looking for addicting series, the following political based shows are great choices. These shows all have string political content, that can sometimes be controversial. It leads us to think in a different manner as we connect with lead characters and enjoy storylines that are full of excitement and surprises. Political dramas will surely make viewers think in a different way and will offer some information on how the many branches of government work on a regular basis.

West Wing

This is a long running drama that is based in the White House and presents a romanticized version of the president, played by Martin Sheen. Unlike many other political shows, The West Wing depicts insiders as being good people with good intentions that are trying to improve the lives of citizens. With various subjects covered like Supreme Count nominations and the war on terrorism, the show covers many current issues of today. At times, the show uses storytelling techniques. Overall, it is a great drama for anyone that is interested in the events taking place in the White House. The show first aired in 1999 and ran until 2006, It can now be viewer on Netflix and Amazon and is a great political drama for binging.


While some reviewers and critics have said that Scandal is a melodrama, it is a series that offers a very stylish depiction of political greed. The show has been created by Shonda Rhimes and the lead character, Olivia Pope, is a fixer, working with her team to assist wealthy clients in making their scandals disappear. This often entails dealing with the President, with whom Olivia is having an affair. The motional storyline is still laced with political drama and the show takes viewers on an amazing rollercoaster ride of emotions. This hugely successful show started to run in 2012 and it is presently airing. It can be watched in ABC and is also available for streaming on Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. Get ready for one of the best cast of characters on television and prepare for some stunning revelations as the political doors are opened.

The Good Wife

This show is definitely a complex drama that focuses on an Attorney who is the wife of a political. She returns to work in a law firm following her husband’s various affairs and infidelities become public. Over the course of this intense series, Atty Florrick opts to run for the State’s Attorney office, forcing an array of ethical choices. She must decide what to sacrifice for the success of her career. This show is extremely insightful and offers information on the legal system and how it is used to handle some of the most complicated cases. This amazing drama aired from 2009 to 2016 and can now be enjoyed in its entirety on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Political Animals

Political Animals is a political drama created for USA and it takes a look inside the life of the first family. The show stars Sigourney Weaver as she fights political adversaries and struggles with family life. In the complex world of politics, we often desire to take a peek inside the true lives of those living in the White House, and Political Animals delivers that great experience. In the show, Weaver is appointed as Secretary of State after losing her presidential race. As she deals with the many crises within the State Department, she is also trying to keep her family in one piece and is battling with a journalist who has the ultimate goal of destroying her political career. This drama series premiered in 2012 and remained a mini-series, offering a single season.

House of Cards

This is one of the most compelling political dramas to every be seen and it is a Netflix original starring Kevin Spacey. The show takes place in Washington Dc and covers the live of the ruthless Frank Underwood, a political from South Carolina who shames and schemes his way right into the Oval Office. The show makes use of many Shakespearean references to keep it entertaining and there is some dark humor. The characters are intriguing and the storyline will keep viewers awaiting the next episode. Throughout the series, Underwood stops at nothing as he tries to conquer Washington and become one of the most powerful men in the world. Accompanied by his beautiful and powerful wife Claire, the couple goes on an amazing adventure featuring lies and deception as they make their way to the top of the political world.

Madam Secretary

This is a great political drama with an amazing female lead played by Tia Leoni. She is Secretary of State and the show follows her public and private life as she returns to the public life after her predecessor has died. The show features many international issues and Leoni plays a powerful role as she battles politics in the office and circumvents protocols to achieve her ultimate goals. The show premiered in 2014 and was renewed for a fourth season in 2017.

Binge Worthy TV Shows

The way in which viewers access media has seen a huge shift over the years, especially in the past ten years. With small steps starting with TiVo and VOD, and now with the offering of streaming networks, there have been amazing steps taken in the way people view their favorite television shows. During these years, the smartphone and tablet also made a huge rise in popularity, offering a screen in front of millions. With these things now in place, one can view their top shows at any time, in any location. The result has been binge watching of popular shows.

Binge watching is not a new thing. In fact, people have been binging their television shows for many years through the offering of DVDs and prerecorded VHS tapes. More recently, binge watching has been on the rise due to the offering of online streaming services, where viewers can start and stop a show at any time and have access to entire seasons. Netflix is one of the most popular services for binge watchers and this company is known for crafting some amazing series that are quite compelling and addictive. Binge watchers can easily get through an entire season of shows in just one sitting!

With so many great shows in various genres, there are many options out there for streamers. Here, we discover some of the most binge worthy shows that are available. While some of these may be years old, they are great to watch and offer exciting story lines, engaging characters and an overall enjoyable experience for viewers.

Game of Thrones

This is perhaps one of the most watched television shows currently running and it is available for streaming on Now and HBO Go. Based on a best selling book, Game of Thrones offers intrigue and fantasy on the screen. Viewers enjoy cliffhanger episodes and moments of sheer excitement. Tough some scenes are violent, this just adds to the exciting experience of viewing. Anyone looking for a thrilling viewing session will definitely benefit from binging this show.

Parks and Recreation

This series is perfect for binge watchers as the series greatly evolves through different episodes. It is being streamed on Netflix and is led by the main character Mike Schur, who penned a public love letter that shakes up characters and causes some engaging and compelling situations. The first season of the show was a bit rocky, but after watching a few episodes, viewers will be drawn to the characters and the ever-changing set of circumstances, making this a great binge watching selection.

Stranger Things

This amazing series is now available on Netflix and blurs the lines between television and film. The show is similar to House of Cards and is constructed as a television series meant to be binge watched. However, the show is structured more like a film. There are fewer episodes per season than with other shows and each episode plays part in the whole series instead of being standalone events. The first season of the show offers just 8 episodes, but these will surely leave viewers craving more of this unique and compelling series.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is another Netflix hit and this show will take viewers on quite the adventure. The main character is a chemistry teacher who turns into a drug kingpin to raise money during his battle with cancer. The drama is intense and the characters are likeable and each season of the show offers a part of the bigger story. This Netflix top hit will keep viewers on the edge of their seats and offers a rollercoaster ride of emotions and drama.

House of Cards

This show is known to be the most binge worthy currently running on Netflix. It was one of the first original series offered and it was designed with binge watchers in mind. Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, the show features amazing characters that draw in viewers from the very first episode. Viewers will quickly find that they can’t simply watch one episode of this show. House of Cards has a strong political theme and offers sarcasm, humor and raging emotions, making this a perfect choice for a night on the couch.

Orange is the New Black

As with House of Cards, this is an original from Netflix and has captured the attention of millions of viewers. The show takes place in a woman’s prison and offers unique and quirky characters that have compelling roles. The show offers episodes that follow the lives of the inmates at Litchfield and the different crimes that landed them as prison mates. The main character, Piper, leads the action after her arrest for money laundering. With Emmy winners and nominees galore, the series is one that will offer high emotions, laughs and tears along the way.


Casual is a drama mixed with some comedy that streams on Hulu. The show is about a divorce that becomes a midlife crisis for a woman and her bachelor brother. With a teenage daughter on the scene, things become interesting and the plot thickens with each and every episode. The warm drama is from producer Jason Reitman and it presents some of life’s most charming moments as well as some of the major obstacles of living the divorced life.


This is a great show for sci-fi fans and is brought to viewers by the creators of The Matrix. The show follows eight strangers that are from locations around the world and are all mentally kinked. The series delivers some great entertainment as it explores several realms such as politics, race, sexuality, religion and more. This binge worthy show is one worth watching and can be a great way to pass those long summer nights. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Funniest Shows on Netflix

When it comes to entertainment, comedy is probably the preferred genre for millions. Those who love watching television will be amazed at eh number of comedy shows and sitcoms that are running on television and will also be thrilled with eth selection of comedy shows that can be streamed on Netflix. Netflix is an award winning service that delivers easy viewing of past and present shows and this is a perfect option for those that love to binge watch.

The amazing library of shows on Netflix is perfect for comedy lovers as there are some superb choices that will meet all those laughter needs. Viewers can find laugh-tracked sitcoms, serious series and a combination of the two and they are all available for instant viewing pleasure. While it may be impossible to declare what shows are actually the funniest, the following list offers some great selections for anyone that is looking for some couch time with great laughs. Get ready for some fun times and enjoyable characters with the list of some of the funniest Netflix shows to ever have been watched.

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks is a teenage series that focuses on the awkwardness of teens and with the main characters being total losers in a Michigan high school, there are many laughs on hand. Though it is senseless comedy, it something everyone can relate to as we have all been there in the past. From those awkward relationships to struggling to fit in with the crowd, Freaks and Geeks takes us back t high school days and offers some refreshing comedy This show only lasted on single season, but it is a fast and easy watch that will leave viewers smiling.

The Office

This show has hit the screens with huge success and is focused on an awkward office worker who is trying to prove to be sympathetic as time passes. The show is a hysterical documentary that takes a look into the 9 to 5 life for many. Based on the award winning BBC hit, The Office is a parody of American life and covers the workers at their daily job at a paper supply company located in Pennsylvania. One of the favorite characters in the show is Andy, a salesman who has some great musical talents that keep the entire office entertained. Of course, there is the office receptionist, Pan, who has an inter-office romance. Overall, the show is pure entertainment and will guarantee an outbreak of laughter by anyone who watches.

Arrested Development

This modern comedy is all about a group of rich people who are quite dysfunctional. When one of the clan members is arrested for fraud, the others take crazy actions to protect their cash and assets to preserve what they think to be is a lavish lifestyle. Complimented by commentaries from Ron Howard as a narrator, this how is loaded with funny scenes and quirky storylines. With jokes and pranks, the show is bound to entertain any television buff and with multiple seasons, it is a great comedy choice for binge watchers.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Even with a dark theme, this show is oddly funny. It is all about Kimmy, who is a teen that was forced to love in a cult after being kidnapped. She is rescued and tried to build a normal life. The lead female character is string and determined to find freedom and the supporting characters add some amazing comedy to the series. Some of the people Kimmy comes across become her closest friends, including one that is always trying to figure out what slang has become outdated. During the second season of the show, it becomes a bit less humorous as it explores the psychological effects the kidnapping had on Kimmy. But the humor still exists. This series has some great charm and is a delightful watch. With amazing guest stars like Tina Fey, it is a show that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

Parks and Recreation


This political American sitcom is one that stars Amy Peohler as a bureaucrat in the Parks Department in a small town in Indiana. The series first aired in 2009 o NBC and lasted until 2015, offering 125 episodes of laughs. During its time on the air, the show received numerous nominations and awards for being a great comedy show and it remains a top Netflix pick for those seeking smiles. With the goal of making the city a better place, viewers will go on some hilarious adventures with the characters and will learn about small town government and the antics that take place.

30 Rock

30 Rock is one of the top rated comedy shows to ever have run on television and it is based on the actions of Liz Lemon, a head writer for a comedy show in New York. As complications arise, Liz is forced to hire some mentally unstable movie stars, especially Tracy Jordan, who joins the cast. The show was created by comedian Tina Fey and first aired in 2006, with the final episode showing on January 31, 2013. This show is one of the funniest on television and is a unique series that will leave viewers in stitches. With hilarious skits and amazing guest stars, the show is one that can be enjoyed by all and it is ranked as one of the funniest sitcoms to air. It is now available on Netflix, where one can view entire seasons.

Most Watched TV Shows in 2017

Over the years, there have been hundreds of television shows that have captured viewers. With the ability to stream tv shows and watch them at any time, many people have started to binge watch their preferred shows, never missing an episode. In 2017, there have been some great series that have been developed and many shows returning for new seasons. With so many shows on the air, binge watchers will want to learn about those that have truly been top rated shows for the year.

Here, we discuss some of the best television shows of 2017 and offer some insight as to the story line, lead characters and why these shows have become on the list of most watched for the year. The rest of the year will surely bring about more action and entertainment. Even with the amazing shows that have already been run early in the year, there is more to come, making 2017 a great year for any binge watcher.


This is a unique show from Netflix and is based on female wrestlers. The show takes viewers on a great adventure through the history of women’s wrestling and introduces some great characters, including some washed up make wrestlers from years ago. Glow is a delightful series and the cast includes professional wrestlers. All characters play an important role and as viewers start watching, the show picks up speed quickly and offers a riveting series.

Twin Peaks: The Return

TV revivals are not always a good thing and in many cases, the new shows cannot compare to the originals. However, with Twin Peaks: The Return, viewers will be pleasantly surprised. This mystery series returns to the screen offering great guest stars such as Michael Cera and Naomi Watts. The show covers crimes in New York and South Dakota and offers intense actin and drama. This is the third series of the show and it has been a huge hit in 2017, drawing the attention of millions of viewers. It can be watched on Showtime and is also available for streaming.

Big Little Lies

While many people were not looking for another rich female show to air, Big Little Lies came out and was an instant hit. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Nicole Kidman, the show is a fueled drama based on the novel by Liane Moriarty. During the show, the day to day lives of the three main characters are explored, focusing on their grade school kids. The show offers action and excitement with the introduction of a murder case, where all members of the community are involved in trying to unravel the mystery. Big Little Lies is a hit for 2017 and we expect to see this show being the recipient of multiple awards.

Master of None

2017 brings the second season of this thrilling television show, picking up right where it left off and offering a great collection of episodes that will offer surprising twists and endless action. The show has won an Emmy and is a top rated comedy, perfect for binge watchers. After being abroad, the main character, Dev, returns to New York and faces many different challenges in his family and personal life. With a new career and a complex relationship with someone special, viewers can get ready to enjoy the twists and turns of this romantic comedy showing on Netflix.


This is perhaps one of the most thrilling shows of the year and it has been created by Noah Hawley, the creator of Fargo. The show is set in a mental hospital and focuses on whether the protagonist is developing certain superpowers or whether he is schizophrenic. This show is definitely surreal and daring and offers a great visual appeal. Packed with special effects and offering top notch acting, Legion is a show that should not be missed in 2017. The show airs on FX and can also be watched in its full season format on iTunes.


This year saw the release of many new shows and pilots and Riverdale makes the list as one of the top watched. The show gained immediate followers and starts with a girl arriving in a small town and getting wrapped up in the death of a local teen, who happens to be from the wealthiest family in town. The show offers strong characters that are likeable and has a very distinctive tone, setting it apart from some other series that are currently running.

The Keepers

Looking for a haunting chronicle? Look no further. This true-crime show from Netflix will offer the excitement and mystery viewers seek. It follows a 10 year un-solved murder case of a nun and it is believed that the crime was covered by the church. The murder mystery is beyond gripping and the director of the show tells her own story through various conversations with government officials, family and friends. Get ready for some gripping power on Netflix with this original show.

Mary Kills People

This Lifetime drama has reached the hearts of many. With one of the most compelling female lead characters, Caroline Dhavernas offers us a stellar performance as a doctor who is offering assistance to terminally ill patients in the form of assisted suicide. The show is a complex drama and offers some dark humor throughout every episode. Even though it has not received high rankings, it is a show that must be watched in 2017 as it offers endless action, heart warming scenes and an overall great binge experience.

Popular TV Shows on Netflix

Netflix was a great thing to be introduced for those that appreciate television shows. With this superb streaming service, viewers will never miss an episode and will have access to unique shows that do not air anywhere else. Netflix is the solution to all binge watchers and over the years, it has hosted many of the top rated television shows and series. It continues to be a go to option for viewers and is always offering new episodes and endless action.

There have been many popular shows throughout the years, but some have truly stood out in the industry. Here, we take a detailed look at some of the top shows to be seen on Netflix, some of which have ended and others are still going strong. With Netflix, viewers can watch shows from various genres at their leisure and always shave access to the great series that are gaining attention every day.

Orange is the New Black

This original series first aired in 2013 and has been a hit with viewers ever since. It follows the life of Piper, a woman convicted of money laundering. As she does her time in a state prison, she encounters inmates and learns their stories, often forming a tight bond with many. The show has intense scenes and also offers a taste of humor. With Orange is the New Black, viewers will prepare for a cast of enthralling characters as they live their everyday life behind the walls of prison. The show is not in its fifth season and is still going strong, attracting thousands of viewers and binge watchers. It is an original series that is sure to provide the entertainment people seek with television series.

House of Cards

House of Cards is another Netflix original and it is based on the novel written by Michael Dobbs. The first season was shown in 2013 and it has been a main attraction for many since then. The show is set in Washington DC and has a strong political theme. It features the lead character Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, a Democrat from South Carolina. After he lost the appointment for Secretary of State, Frank set his eyes on becoming the next President, and was successful in doing so. The show takes viewers on an amazing adventure, opening eyes to the background of politics in DC and the many dirty deeds done by politicians. The show has received numerous nominations and awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Lead Actress. The show finished its fifth season in early 2017 and is on schedule for its sixth season of endless excitement and drama.

Grace and Frankie

Get ready for one of the most endearing series on Netflix. Starring Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen and Lily Tomlin, viewers will love the sarcastic humor and great storyline of this show. It follows the lives of two wives who end up living together after separating from their husbands. With clever scenes, the two women are complete opposites, making for an enjoyable viewing session. The string cast makes this a show worth watching, even though the storyline does not seem to go anywhere. It has a light-hearted feel and provides many laughs, perfect for a fast binge watch. Any fans of the lead actors will be drawn to the show and will find it quite irresistible.

Hemlock Grove

This is a unique show from Netflix and offers drama, dark humor and thrills all in one. It is considered to be a horror series and has been binge watched by thousands. The first season came on string and attracted many viewers and got great ratings. However, the later seasons did not perform as well and poor reviews started to emerge. The show follows the investigation of two murdered teens in Pennsylvania and it is loaded with plenty of gore and horror. The mystery of the show is appealing, but overall, the interesting moments do not come as often as they should. It is still a great binge worthy show for anyone seeking some horrific scenes and edge of the seat thrills.

The Ranch

Anyone seeking a cute comedy with a strong cast will benefit from watching The Ranch. This show is a combination of the Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men and is a compelling sitcom. The show stars Debra Winger and Sam Elliot and offers a storyline following an ex-football player, acted by Ashton Kutcher. He returns to assist his father to run a ranch and the series has some climatic scenes. The light tone of the show and the comedy that is included makes this Netflix hit one that is easy to watch and easier to binge. The Ranch had a successful three seasons, offering 30 episodes.


Offering two great seasons, this Netflix drama focuses on a group of 8 individuals from all over the word who have a mental connection. The storyline revolves around love and friendship and has a strong sci-fi focus. This show is a multi-cultural and diverse viewing experience and is a special series that can quickly be watched. The connections between the lead characters result in some emotional scenes and appeals to romantics and idealists. Sense8 did not receive the high rankings as was expected, but it is still on the top of the watch list for Netflix viewers and offers some great episodes. There is a nice Christmas special that is also offered to compliment the series and overall, the show is a pleasure to watch.

Top Adult Cartoon Television Series

Over the years, we have watched television shows evolve and one of the popular genres being watched today is cartoon series. There are many cartons that offer adult themes, but are still viewable by the younger generations. Here, we take a look at some of the best cartoon television shows to grace the screen. These shows are still airing and can also be streamed on Netflix and Hulu. With humor, great characters and some interesting storylines, these shows have changed the way people watch cartoons and offer some amazing forms of entertainment.

While many people believe cartoons are just for children, their opinion will quickly change when they view any of these recommended cartoon shows. From classic shows like The Flintstones and The Jetsons to today’s sarcastic and humorous shows like The Simpsons and South Park, the evolution of cartoons has been a great one, leading to an entertaining world of characters and locations, enthralling viewers from all around the globe.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons may in fact be the oldest running cartoon series of all times. The series was always captivating and the characters drew in viewers. With some great humor and sarcasm, the show is an easy watch and even with some adult themes, it has been a hot for viewers of all ages. The show has been on television for more than 20 years and in that time, it has changed the way people watch cartoons. Started back in 1989, the show is still running strong in 2017 and follows the life of Homer Simpson and his family as they deal with his many misadventures. This show is one worth watching for anyone looking for a mindless, yet funny experience.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob is a very popular animated series that was created by a marine biologist and animator. The show was first created to air on Nickelodeon and it remains one of the most popular shows on that network. It is the longest running Nick show, having 18 years of success. The show has some funny plots and dark humor and is perfect for adult viewers. It is still suitable for younger children who may not catch some of the underlying meaning of comments and actions. With an appealing underwater setting, some catchy tunes and likeable characters, this show is still a top choice for cartoon fans.

South Park

This adult animated sitcom has attracted the attention of millions of viewers. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show airs on Comedy Central and revolves around the events of four young boys, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric. As viewers enjoy their odd adventures, they are bound to be graced with some laughs along the way. There is a large cast used in the show and many recurring characters have become quite popular. The show is best known for the dark humor offered as well as satire and profanity. The first episode pf South Park was aired in August of 1997 and it is still offering new and exciting episodes today. This is one of the top viewed cartoons by adults and has received many awards, including five Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award. Back in 2013, the show was ranked as the 10th best cartoon in television history.

Family Guy

Family Guy is anotehr hot adult series hat aors on Fox. The series focuses on te ife of the Griffins, with the partents, three kids and their interwsting dog, Brian. The show takes place in Rhode Island and is riddles with humor and sarcasm. The show made its televison debit in 1999 and has aired 289 episodes since that time It is is ts 16th season now and is still a top chcoie for many adult viewers. The show has been nominated for 12 Emmy Awrads and 11 Annie Awards and ha been the recipient of three of ech. In fact, it was the first animated seris to be nomonated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Sries since The Flintstones bvack in 1961. Television reviewers have had mixed reactions to the show, but most deem it as being a funny expereince, though a tad on the nasty side.

Rick and Morty

Get ready to expereince science ficton like never before with Rick and Morthy, an adult cartoon television eries. This show has been created by Dan Harmona dn Justil Roiland and it aors on the Cartoon Network at late night. The series revolves around the adventures of a mad scientist known as Rick and his grandson, Morty. The snow was nominated for the Annie Award in 2015 for Best General Audience Anmated TV Production and has just been nominated in 2017 for the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Animated TV Show. After the original release in 2013, the show remains a top chcoie for thousands of adult viewers and is still running stong as a popualr late night adult cartoon series.

Over the years, cartoons have taken on a whole new appearance. With enhanced technology and the offering of adult themes, these shows are now watched by viewers of all ages. These top rated adult cartoons are still being aired and remain a constant source of entertainment and endless laughs for all viewers. Adults looking for some light hearted story lines along with dark humor and some great sarcasm will benefit from watching any of these shows, either by their airing time or by streaming on popular services like Netflix and Hulu.

Top Police Dramas

Crime and police themed dramas have long been a top choice for television watchers. Shows that involve police and detective work are very appealing and offer a great form of entertainment to viewers from all around the world. Over the years, there have been many shows that have this theme and some of them have run successfully for many hears. Here, we discover some of the top rated police dramas that have aired in the past, many of which are still top choices for binge watchers today.

Police drama television shows offer great storylines and usually have amazing characters that viewers can relate to. In addition to the thrills of murder, sex crimes and other crimes, viewers will go off on adventures to solve crimes, visit scenes and become engaged in the personal lives of those police team members that are always fighting to keep cities safe. With these shows, one will be drawn into the drama and will also enjoy some heartfelt scenes. Get ready to learn about homicide detectives, investigative processes and much more when watching any of these mentioned police dramas on television.

Cold Case

This is a compelling drama series that ran from 2003 to 2010, offering many great episodes that revolved around the solving of cases that had been cold for years. The CBS series uses Lilly Rush as the lead detective as she and her team investigate some of the oldest cases and unsolved murders. The limitations of technology when tut it is one that will bring viewers a great rush. As the only woman investigator in the team, Rush becomes a favorite character for many and being the underdog is a struggle that is faced daily. Cold Case was one of the hot police dramas during its time and it can still be watched on Netflix, making it a great binge show for police drama lovers.

Law and Order SVU

Law and Order is perhaps the best known police show of all times and it has had a long and very successful history. This intense show has been running since 1999 and has shown hundreds of episodes. The main team, Elliot and Benson, work together to solve some of the worst sex crimes in New York and the show takes on stories that many other shows deemed high risk targets. Focusing on female victims, their crimes and the court cases that lead to justice, this show will have viewers looking forward to the next episode. With a long history and many great episodes, this is a great binge watch for those who are seeking a long series. The show is one of the few that has focused on cases that were in the news, such as sexual assaults that occur on college campuses, GamerGate and Robert Durst.

How to Get Away with Murder

This newer drama was created by Shonda Rhimes and stars Viola Davis. The show revolves around a teacher who is teaching the students about murder investigations and crime scene investigations. The characters in the sow are all trying to escape their own murder charges or are working at defending different clients from a conviction. The strength of the show definitely lies in the performance of Davis, though other characters do have string and likeable personalities. The show is quite realistic and offers some great power and sexual themes that keep it interesting. It first aired in 2014 and is still a hot show running today.

The Closer

This drama is another one that has a strong female lead, played by Kyra Sedgwick. She plays a detective in Atlanta who has one goal, which is getting confessions from criminals. She tends to be an oddball character and has some quirky actions that make for pleasant viewing. In addition to the drama, one will enjoy some comedy, romance and sarcasm as they watch the many episodes offered. As one of the best interrogators in the business, Sedgwick made her mark in television with The Closer and the show earned some of the highest police drama ratings. The show ran from 2005 to 2012.

The Killing

The Killing is another great binge worthy television show that aired from 2011 through 2014. Starring Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, the two team up in this intense drama set in Seattle. She is quite stern while he is a little more relaxed, making for an interesting team as they battle some tough crimes. The often work together to solve some of the most grisly murders to have occurred in the city. The show had great ratings, though it started to falter in the final season. Viewers were let down with the final episodes of the last season as they seemed to make little sense and were not as compelling as the many other episodes to have aired.


This is a unique show that makes use of a woman with an ability to communicate with the dead. She joins forces with the local DA to help with current investigations. Though this show does lack the intense drama of other hit police shows, it is a joy to watch. It stars Patricia Arquette and follows her life, as she struggles to balance her personal life and the criminal investigations she gets called in on. Medium ran from 2005 to 2011 and is still available to watch on streaming networks like Netflix.

Top Shows in Danger of Being Cancelled

Spring is always a time when new series come on the air and old ones get cancelled. With long summer days ahead, many shows do not make it to the next season, while some others hang in the wind. Networks are still trying to decide on their complete 2017-2018 lineup and there are some top rated shows that remain in limbo, not knowing whether the series will be cancelled.

Here are some of the popular shows that are in danger of being cancelled. While they have not been yet, the time is drawing near and networks have to make their final decisions on what shows to keep and which will get the axe. Despite many of these shows having a long run time and great reviews, they are on the edge and viewers are left wondering if their favorite characters and shows will return for yet another season.


This drama was expected to a be a huge success, offering a thrilling cast and some exciting scenes. However, it fell short based on reviews and it is not the strong performer it was thought to be. The show has consistently struggled with ratings on ABC and in its second season, it is on the verge of being cancelled. Some say the decline in ratings and viewers is due to a change in the time slot, moving from Sunday night to Monday night when season 2 started. It is not known whether ABC will axe the show at this time or if they will allow it a third season. Reviewers are not hopeful, stating that eh show will most likely not be renewed.

Even though the show started strong, offering an inside look at FBI training, it dragged on through the first season, offering an experience that was a complete let down for thrill seekers.

New Girl

In 2011, New Girl started string and was an instant hit when it ran on Fox. This comedy attracted many and captured the hearts of viewers. However, it has faded over the years and has declined in rankings with each season. During the sixth season of the show, it lost 18% of viewers. Even the actors involved are not hopeful for any renewal. The directors and producers have planned for the demise of the show by writing Season 6 as a series finale should Fox decide to not run the show again for the seventh season.

On average, the show attracts only 2 million viewers, not nearly the amount as some of the top ranking shows that are being watched weekly. Through 6 years, it has had ups and downs, but this will most likely be the end to New Girl.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This amazing police sitcom airs on Fox and premiered back in 2013, attracting over 6 million viewers. The show has been the recipient of two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. In May of 2017, the season was lucky enough to get a renewal after there was talk of cancelling the show. Ratings and the number of viewers have dropped since the show first aired, but Fox is hopeful that the new season will offer more drama and action to get those ratings back up. Though the show was in jeopardy of being cancelled this Spring, it has recently been announced that it will continue for another season.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist is a hit crime thriller that first aired in 2013 in NBC. Featuring Red Redington as a main character, played by James Spader, viewers will go on an exciting adventure as he holds a list of the most dangerous and wanted criminals in the world and knows just how to get to them. Bargaining for immunity with the FBI, Red becomes an asset to the FBI and insists on working with Elizabeth Keen only. During the first three seasons of the show, it was a huge success, gaining millions of devoted followers. However, Season 4 was a bit of a let down, with lower rankings and fewer viewers. The show has been a huge success for NBC, so they will be hesitant on cancelling, but if ratings and viewers continue to fall, the show may soon be getting the axe despite its popularity.


This show enjoyed its fifth season airing on CBS and at one time, had attracted millions. The show has never had the hoighest rankings for tegh network and over the years, there has been a huge drop in the number of viewers each week. Things are not looking up and tis show is on the list of possible cancellations. Duruing the fifth season, it only had a 0.6 rating, which is extremely low for CBS. With those numbers and the fact that viewers have turned their attention to newer series on television, Elementary may have airedits final episodes in the fifth season. No cincrete decision has yet been made on whether the show will be renewed for just one more season or if the network will choose to not roll the dice with this dying series.

Every popular television show comes to an end either due to falling rankings, loss of chatracters or other events. Today, viewers enjoy action packed and otiginal series and these on the list were once huge hits. However, after unsuccessful seasons and little hope for the future they are all on the verge of being cancelled from top rated networks and will be replaced with newer shows or completely original series.

What Creates a Binge Worthy Television Show?

There comes a time where we all want to settle in for the night and do nothing but watch some great television. Since many of the latest and greatest shows can now be viewed in their entirety by streaming, it is possible to with multiple episodes in one sitting, allowing viewers to binge watch their preferred shows This can be done to with an entire missed season or to catch up those episodes that have been missed. No matter the reason, millions of people all over the world are binge watching some of the greatest television shows of all times, but not every show is binge worthy. Here, we learn what makes a show one that is desirable to watch and why viewers choose certain series to watch in a short amount of time.

With the ability to stream popular television shows, it is possible to view an entire series in just a few days. This presents a perfect way to get through the long and cold winters or offers a nice quiet night at home on the couch with that comfy blanket and a cup of tea. With so many television show genres, it is possible to watch just about anything through streaming channels and here, we learn what makes certain shows appear at the top of the list for binge watchers.

Viewer Enjoyment

The first thing that will attract viewers is the quality of enjoyment that is offered with a show. If viewers do not like the first few episodes and are not drawn in they can easily eliminate the show and find one that is more compelling. The shows that are most binge worthy will have characters that are instantly liked and there will often be humor factors involved. However, viewers will also be looking for dialogue that is engaging and will want the show to offer realistic storylines that they can relate to. Most people who binge watch will choose a show that has a personal meaning. There are many different factors that will alter how engaged an audience will become once they start watching.

Storyline, Plots and Length

Another thing that binge watchers will look for is the running time of the show. If they have limited viewing time, they will want to choose shows that have short run times and few episodes per season so they can make sure to get them all in. Some shows will run for 90 minutes per episode, so viewers will have to commit to that time period. The amount of time the show runs and the number of episodes involved will be a deciding factor for many. However, true binge watchers will simply be drawn to a show because of characters and themes and will not pay mind to the length of each episode.

The story and how the plot if portrayed will also be a factor. Some viewers will want to watch shows where each episode is its own entity. This means they can pick up anywhere in the series and not have to have any information from previous episodes to understand what the show is about. One popular choice is Law and Order, a popular police drama where each episode tells a different story. Another great drama option is Grey’s Anatomy. For those that want to long lasting plot and episode that lead to others, series like House of Cards, Scandal and Orange is the New Black.

Netflix Success Recipe

Seeing as Netflix is the number one source for binge watchers, they have come up with a unique recipe that helps to create the most binge worthy shows available. Many of the original shows are designed to attract viewers who want to watch multiple episodes in a single sitting. To do this, Netflix focuses on entire seasons as layered stories instead of single episodes. This creates less pressure for Netflix to offer episodes that stand on their own. Instead, they all play an important part in the entire season of a show.

Netflix also aims to get the audience hooked on a show from the very first episode, which is why many of the original shows found on Netflix offer cliff hangers as pilot shows. Shows like Damages will end with amazing twists and turns that will leave the viewer wanting more of the action and they will immediately start watching the next episode. Another thing Netflix has done to create binge worthy television shows is avoiding servicing all characters at one time. Many of the shows have a large cast of characters and not every one of them will have an important role in every episode. Characters may be introduced and then not appear for a few episodes, but once they are back on the screen, viewers will remember who they are and will become curious about hat particular character. This is all part of how Netflix has successfully created some of the best binge worthy shows of all times, including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Binge worthy shows will also mix up episodes so they do not always blend together. Some will start out as a family drama and will end up being something of a thriller. This keeps viewers entertained and wondering what will happen next with the show. The goal of any binge worthy show is to attract loyal viewers who will continue to turn in for every episode, wanting and waiting for more and having something to look forward to with every binge session.

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